About Us

Kodacy is an educational platform under the parent company SPACE.
Kodacy aims to provide affordable and accessible education to everyone, anywhere across the world. We believe that education is a fundamental right and it shouldn't be elusive to only few people who can afford huge costs. Through our innovative products and specially designed courses, we provide online courses through a virtual platform to facilitate time independent learning, for all! Our cutting edge technology in Augmented Reality helps users learn complicated concepts in Robotics, Drone technology etc in an easy to understand and visualise manner.

We look forward to bring out more courses in the future and promote affordable and quality education for everyone, anywhere across the world. 

Our Story

Our story began a few years ago when India was transitioning itself into a service-based economy. Internet was booming and digital innovations were growing rapidly. A lot of jobs were being created in the IT sector. Suddenly, everyone had a phone in their hand. Thus, the job opportunities in this sector were growing exponentially. But there was a problem. 




We grew up in a middle-class family in rural India. Access to the internet was a very rare thing back then. Even if it was available, it was beyond anything our parents could afford. So pursuing a career or studying programming or any other course related to the IT field was a distant dream for us. During the same period, we met a classmate of ours from another state in India. He came from a very poor village. His education, till the 5th grade, was under a village tree as there was no school in his village. He was the first person in his whole family, and among the very few in his village, to get admission to college and get graduated. 




This made us think. There are a lot of people like us and our friends who can't afford costly courses or buy expensive devices to study courses related to the IT sector. They are being left out of the digital era because of the inaccessibility of good courses at affordable prices. We understood that the world needs people with creativity, and just academic results and privileged people can't create a technically advanced future. So we thought of creating a firm that can create endless possibilities accessible to everyone across the world and inspire other people to create a world on their own. 




So, that's how we decided to create a platform which can provide affordable courses for learners and provide them access to quality-driven, top-notch, certified courses and internships. KODACY was first named "Space Academy" and was incorporated under the parent firm "SPACE". Later the platform was rebranded as KODACY; Code-Legacy! 




Kodacy is designed for everyone who is interested to learn and grow. It's not just an educational platform, it's a dream of every student. It's a platform that offers smarter accessibility, affordability, and easiness to learn from anywhere across the world.




The story has hardly begun!


Build, Code, Learn, Simulate

"Affordable courses, cooperative team it was a great experience would like to enroll for more of such courses...."

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