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Microsoft Excel

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About the Course

We cover both fundamental and advanced Excel concepts in our course on Microsoft Excel. We created this Excel training with both pros and beginners in mind, taking their needs into consideration. We have covered 30+ topics across 7 modules with detailed instruction videos.

This is a certified course. After completing the course and successfully passing the test, you’ll be awarded a certificate. You can learn and complete the course at any time after you join the course.

Topics Covered

• Introduction to Excel
• Create a workbook
• Working with worksheets
• Rows & Columns
• Autofill
• Filter & Split Datas
• Cells
• Data Validation
• Formating
• Conditional Formatting
• Watermark
• Display/Hide Zero Values
• Formulas & Functions
• SUM Function
• COUNTIF Function
• IF Function
• Uses of Functions
• Use Excel as a Calculator
• Additon
• Subtraction
• Multiplication
• Division
• Date Formatting
• Define & Use Names in Formulas
• Tables
• Sort & Filter Data in a Table
• Charts
• Trendline in Charts
• Add/Remove Secondary Axis
• Pivot Tables
• Field Lists in Pivot Table
• Filter Data in a Pivot Table
• Pivot Chart

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Total Fees - Rs 50 only  (No Additional Charges)

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