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Python Course

Join the python course to explore the demystified world of the most powerful programming language



Certified Course

    10+ Lessons
    Life Time Access Offer
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    Supports both PC/mobile users
    Rs 50 only, no additional charges


Rs 50


10 - 15 Hours


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Lifetime Access

About the Course

The python course comes with 10+ lessons and topics for you to learn.

It's a certified course program. You can learn and complete the course at anytime as you wish after you join the course program by completing the payment. You will be provided with an instruction video for you to understand on how to learn to code in our platform and instructions will be also provided along with each lessons

Topics Covered

• Introduction to python
• Fundamentals
• Comments in python
• Variables
• Assigning Values
• Declarations
• Change in Values
• Assigning multiple values to multiple variables
• List in python
• Python Strings
• Python Set
• Arithmetic Operators
• Comparison Operations
• Conditional Statements
• Boolean Variables
• Brain Teasers
• Python Test

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Fee Details

Total Fees - Rs 50 only  (No Additional Charges)

Build, Code, Learn, Simulate

"Affordable courses, cooperative team it was a great experience would like to enroll for more of such courses...."

Anurag Bhutale

Special Offer !

All Courses at Rs 50 only

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