Robotics Internship


Rs 50


15 Days


About the Course

The robotics internship comes with lessons and projects for you to learn, build, code and simulate virtually using our platform.
It's a certified internship program. You can learn and complete the internship at anytime as you wish after you join the internship program by completing the payment. You will be provided with an instruction video for you to understand on how to learn to code in our platform and instructions will be also provided along with each lessons.

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Total Fees - Rs 50 only
(No Additional Charges)

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Course Details
Date of completion - 15 Days Duration
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- Course Syllabus
Introduction to Robotics
Types Of Robots
Introduction to SPACE Robochip
Integrating LED
Integrating Sensors
Ultrasonic makeover
Surfing across Motor Drivers
Building, Coding & Simulating an Ultrasonic Robot
Building, Coding & Simulating a Maze Follower Robot
Building, Coding & Simulating a Bluetooth Joystick Robot

- Name of the organiser
Scientific Platforms And Cosmic Explorations (SPACE)

- Advantages Of Joining
Additional skill acquisition
Enhance your thinking skills
Explore the robotics world
Earn a valid certificate

Your Instructor

Scientific Platforms And Cosmic Explorations (SPACE_

Scientific Platforms And Cosmic Explorations (SPACE) is a government registered hybrid international industry that develops innovative solutions, provide services, conducts research programs in the fields of Robotics, Artificial Intelligence, App Development, Web Development, Drone Technology, IOT, Bionics, Augmented Reality, Virtual Reality, Project Engineering, Autonomous Vehicles, Cryogenics, 3D Printing and even conducts skill acquisition programs through its E- Learning platforms.

Scientific Platforms And Cosmic Explorations (SPACE_